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Bachelor of Social Work

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School of Social Work


Rand, April

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Piazza, Anna

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Bridges, Ana

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Hare, Laurence


Recent research suggests that a majority of college students report having sex with multiple partners while practicing inconsistent condom use. These reports can be attributed to heavy drinking habits and perceived approval of behavior based on social interactions. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects that alcohol consumption and perceptions of peer behavior have on risky sexual behavior among college students. The present study recruited 50 students from the University of Arkansas to participate in an anonymous survey on their drinking habits, risky sexual behavior, and their perception of normative risky sexual behavior. Correlational analyses revealed a positive relationship between risky sexual behavior and alcohol consumption. Regression analysis suggests that drinking behavior and perception of peer risky sexual behavior influence actual risky sexual behavior. Implications for future research and educational programming are presented.

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