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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

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Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness


Hyatt, David

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Popp, Jennie

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English, Leah


The primary goal of this research is to access the feasibility of implementing and operating small scale aquaponic systems in a home setting to serve as a means of producing high quality fresh produce and fish protein to supplement similar store-bought products. Factors such as system cost, skill level and management requirements will be addressed alongside customizable, educational and sustainable aspects of aquaponic systems to determine whether home aquaponic systems are a feasible option for the home grower. To elaborate, feasibility in this research will refer to both economic costs relative to costs of the system. Outlined in this short investigation of aquaponic systems are a brief history of aquaponic systems and how they derive from aquaculture and hydroponics, detailed explanations of how the systems work, personal accounts from operating a system, management requirements, benefits of owning a system, opportunities for growth, and a conclusion on whether adoption of home aquaponics is feasible. Custom designs and results from a personal home system will be included throughout for a clearer understanding of the innerworkings of an operational aquaponic system encased in a greenhouse setting.


Aquaponics, Greenhouse, Blue Tilapia, Hydroponics