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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

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Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness


Rusty Rumley

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Elizabeth Rumley

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Harrison Pittman

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Lawton Nalley


The American Farm Bill is a bill that is passed by Congress every five to six years. This legislation is omnibus, meaning it covers a wide variety of topics such as nutrition, conservation, rural development, crop insurance, and much more. This thesis will study the effectiveness of the allocation of funding covered in the Farm Bill, specifically Farm Bills from the last 12 years. This bill has a significant impact on farmers who need support from the government to remain profitable and continue their operation. This thesis will examine how shifts in funding can affect farmers growing crops, raising beef cattle, or producing dairy using Congressional Research Reports and existing studies. The research in this thesis is important because another farm bill will be coming up in the next few years and the findings in this thesis can help to project future spending on titles. The analysis of the data presented found that while nutrition spending is higher than the other titles examined, this does not necessarily mean that the crop insurance and commodity program funding has decreased.


Farm Bill, Agricultural Policy