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Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

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Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness


Petrone, Kim

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Durand-Morat, Alvaro

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Pittman, Harrison

Committee Member/Third Reader

Popp, Michael


Historically, foreign ownership of land in the United States has existed for centuries. Many state laws expressly allow for foreign ownership of agricultural land in their state. However, this study will find that a push to amend these laws has begun in recent years in state and federal legislatures. Grassroots member-focused agricultural organizations, representative of the agricultural community, have also seen a shift in member-developed policy. This shift is toward an attitude of concern and increased oversight of foreign land investment. From the data gathered, it can be inferred that public awareness in the agricultural community is increasing concerning foreign ownership of agricultural land in the United States and is trending toward an attitude of concern, increased monitoring of the issue, and in some cases, outright prohibition.


Agriculture, Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land, Farming, Grassroots Organizations, Policy Development