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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

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Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology


Cox, Casandra

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Rucker, Jill

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Estes, Hanna


Navigating Leadership Pathways is an innovative learning initiative designed to address the challenges and barriers faced by women in their pursuit of mid to high-level leadership positions. Comprising three self-paced modules, this project delves into the intricate landscape of gender bias, second-generation biases, and cultural norms that hinder women's progression in the workplace. Drawing on extensive research and real-world insights, each module provides a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Module 1: Introduction to Gender Bias in Leadership

This module lays the foundation by exploring second-generation biases, leadership style differences between men and women, the glass ceiling, diversity, and inclusion. Participants engage in a fictional company case study, identifying challenges and biases, and choosing strategies to overcome them.

Module 2: The Ag Glass Ceiling – Identifying and Overcoming Leadership Barriers for Women in Agriculture

Focused on the agricultural sector, this module addresses specific challenges women face in this industry. A detailed case study of an inclusive gender-equal company in agriculture allows participants to simulate decision-making and understand strategies to overcome biases.

Module 3: Playing your Part: Creating a Gender-Equal Workforce

The final module guides participants on their role in reducing gender discrimination. Individualized responses offer tailored advice for various demographics, empowering participants to actively contribute to a more inclusive work environment.

This project leverages research findings on leadership styles, biases, and cultural influences. Interview data from professionals enhances real-world perspectives, contributing to a holistic understanding of the challenges women encounter in their leadership journeys. The modules aim not only to inform but also to inspire positive change, fostering workplaces where diversity is celebrated, and leadership knows no gender bounds.


leadership, gender bias, women in agriculture, glass ceiling, leadership curriculum, women in leadership


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