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Luoni, Stephen D.

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Shannon, Jeff

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Reid, Margaret


Memphis is a shrinking city. As more people move out to the suburbs, the downtown area falls into a greater decline. With fewer people to support the businesses and attractions of downtown Memphis, more and more vacant lots start to show up. Breaks in what was once a vibrant city fabric have led to the decay of the downtown area. While the downtown area offers amenities that cannot be found in the suburbs such as attractions like Fed Ex Forum, Beale Street, and the Orpheum Theater, as well as specialty shops, and a riverfront. The suburbs offer a quality of livability that the downtown area does not, by providing ample amounts of green space often surrounding a larger park. If downtown Memphis will ever regain the urban qualities of life it once had, it needs to provide the sense of livability it now lacks. It must be just as appealing of a place to live, as it is to visit. To do this, a new housing district with different options of livability must be created.


Memphis, urban planning, green space, livability