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Bachelor of Architecture

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McCown, Ken

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Holland, Brian

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Mistry, Nilay

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Hernandez, Sarah

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Zhan, Justin


Technological innovation is occurring at a rapid pace in the world of personal devices. This trend of change has not been able to occur as fast in the city infrastructure. Consumers are curious about the next generation of technology and the integration of artificially intelligent technology in transportation and the urban fabric. In this project, I study the motivations and values of a set of characters involved in the integration and innovation of Smart City Technology. These characters create potential future scenarios of the city from their actions and reactions to specific decisions.

This body of work can provide a visualization of the possible futures of the city. The games and scenarios, show potential outcomes based on a set of actions taken by players, not the certain future. The replicable method created in this work allows readers to use the characters, and their backgrounds, to carry out their own game that yields a variety of results that looks to broaden the amount of possible future situations of the city and quality of life with this next generation of technology.


Smart Cities, Intelligent Transportation System, Scenario Exploration