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Bachelor of Architecture




Billig, Noah

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Young, Rana

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Holland, Brian


This capstone is a study of the lived social experience of one cohousing community. Cohousing communities are designed with the intention of fostering a community with a mixture of privately-owned units and publicly shared spaces and responsibilities. The study is conducted at a significant point in American history: these communities are a fast-growing phenomenon in the United States yet they remain unknown and/or unattainable to many Americans.

Qualitative information from the community’s current residents is gathered by using research tools of interviewing and photography. Interviews were completed virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Photographs were created during a three-day visit to Yulupa Cohousing in Santa Rosa, California. As part of the capstone, a book, Pulse, was crafted using the contents from the interviews and photographs to tell a story about the social life of Yulupa Cohousing.


community, storytelling, photography, Santa Rosa