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Bachelor of Architecture




Terry, Laura

Committee Member/Reader

Blackwell, Marlon

Committee Member/Second Reader

Sharpless, Charles


This capstone aims to develop a prototypical process using digital photography to document the essence of place. A final visual narrative element is created with the intent of being utilized by architectural designers to draw inspiration and understanding from the setting in which they are designing. The process involved four distinct phases that culminated in a single narrative montage. These four phases included the actual photographing of the city, evaluating and taxonomy of the photographs into categories that best embodied the spirit of the place, the altering of individual photographs into their essential parts and pieces, and the process of montaging these individual pieces into a larger, single narrative. The project is a personal experimentation that utilizes a set of skills and values that can be recreated and repeated but also altered to culminate in a visual product that is unique to the designer and place.


Architecture, Photography, Place, Orvieto