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Billig, Noah

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Colangelo, Jessica

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Holland, Brian


Tactical Urbanism is a method of creating temporary, low-cost interventions in a city’s built environment, aiming to test new ideas, gather community feedback, and create momentum for larger-scale changes. The approach is characterized by its focus on quick, iterative projects that can be easily implemented and adjusted, rather than large, expensive initiatives that take years to complete. Examples of Tactical Urbanism projects include pop-up bike lanes, parklets, and community gardens. The goal is to encourage community participation, foster a sense of ownership, and create a safer, more livable, and inclusive city. In spring 2022, a class called “Walk, Bike, Link” taught by Prof. Jim Coffman, designed Crossroads on Dickson, a Tactical Urbanism project on West Dickson Street. The design proposed to change the appearance of the street by painting a pattern across the pavement in an effort to make drivers more cautious and aware of the pedestrian presence. Unfortunately, the project could not get approved before the end of the semester. Crossroads on Dickson attempted to utilize Tactical Urbanism strategies to address the specific need for pedestrian safety near the University of Arkansas campus. It envisioned the street as a shared space for both cars and pedestrians, rather than prioritizing one over the other. This capstone defines Tactical Urbanism and investigate the differences between implementing a Tactical Urbanism project on and off the University of Arkansas campus. The capstone then uses descriptive case study methods to analyze West Dickson Street and the Crossroads on Dickson project from the “Walk, Bike, Link” class in the Spring of 2022. The case study analyzes the project’s design, processes, and context in the university setting. It answers key internal questions such as why the project wasn’t approved and provide a new Tactical Urbanism case study for both northwest Arkansas and university contexts.


Tactical Urbanism, West Dickson Street, Crossroads on Dickson, DIY Urbanism