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Bachelor of Architecture

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Billig, Noah

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Holland, Brian

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Montemayor, Gabriel-Diaz


Springdale, Arkansas, has witnessed population growth, public and private development, and interest from stakeholders throughout the Northwest Arkansas region in the past six years. The impetus for this case study is the rapid urbanization of Springdale, catalyzed by the adoption of a downtown Form-Based Code in 2017. The study analyzes four projects representing a range of typologies and uses, selected from many new and upcoming projects in the FBC area. Utilizing multiple techniques to present each project's spatial and social characteristics, the study presents these nuances and provokes further discussions. A literature review covering complexity and complex adaptive systems supports the discussion of each site, with an emphasis on the catalytic qualities of the FBC and the emergent qualities of the region. The three methods- Power V Interest, Power Mapping, and Exchange diagrams- are each borrowed from urbanists, planners, and landscape architects.

This study synthesizes a recent Springdale and Form-Based Codes history, a review of Complex Adaptive Systems, and an analysis of the broader form-based code area. Following that section, the study zooms in to present the four cases. A discussion and recommendation for further inquiry suggest the potential for FBCs to enrich the urban fabric of small cities like Springdale and the implications for designers, developers, and citizens to engage with complex structures such as these. It presents qualitative data conducted through site reconnaissance of the FBC area and the qualitative observations of the Springdale Department of Planning, as well as the author’s perspective and observations on each topic.

Key findings: there are a variety of ways in which projects have taken advantage of the new Form-Based Code; Springdale is already going through changes with developers leading the urbanization of the FBC area; the process of analyzing this urbanization is only partially begun in this capstone, and only captures a small portion of the complex processes within Springdale.


Urban Planning, Urbanism, Urbanization, Complex Adaptive Systems, Stakeholder Analysis