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Bachelor of Architecture

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Veloso, Pedro

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Jacobus, Frank

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Colangelo, Jessica

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Tucci, Jake


This research proposal aims to investigate computational design strategies for sustainable, affordable, and more equitable housing. The study will focus on the use of generative design tools, such as parametric modeling, rule-based modeling, and optimization, to aid architects and designers in creating custom housing complexes for single families in small and medium urban lots. The goal is to develop a computational method that considers sustainability, affordability, and long-term usage parameters to create housing designs that meet the desired spatial qualities. The research question asks how generative design tools can support designers in approaching affordable housing given the increasing demand for it. The study will explore a modular grid-based design approach to ensure consistency and alignment and establish connections between individual spaces to form a complete house floor plan. The proposed research will consider site constraints and analyze existing buildings, trees, and zoning regulations to tailor the aggregation system. The stochastic aggregation component will generate numerous floor plans, and the optimization component will cherry-pick specific floor plans based on the requirements to evaluate the most suitable floor plans for any given scenario.


generative design, architecture