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Adams, Candice

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Rotolo, Chuck

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Tracy, Torrey


The impact of stable housing can have the power to shape the overall quality of life. Housing influences various life outcomes, such as education, health, financial stability, emotional well-being, and an overall sense of safety. Studies show that quality of life is linked to housing stability and impacts people of all ages. This thesis looks at the city of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, which has a severe low-income housing shortage which results in many people living in poverty and unstable settings.

This thesis analyzes three low-income housing case studies to evaluate the process and outcomes of various approaches to addressing housing shortages. Each case study focuses on a community with analogous demographics of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. These studies were selected through highly focused parameters to ensure they were comparable. Each case study reviews a population set that qualifies as rural, at or below the national poverty line, a predominantly minority population, and high unemployment rates. By analyzing the processes of the case study's approach to implementing low-income housing, then reviewing outcomes, possible future beneficial housing opportunities for Pine Bluff, Arkansas, are identified.


Low-income housing, Pine Bluff, Housing

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