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Technical Report

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Arkansas, water quality sampling, automatic sampler, pollutant loads


An automatic sampler and a U.S. Geological Swvey (USGS) gauging station were established in 1998 and water quality sampling was begun in 1999 on the Kings River near Benyville, Arkansas. Continuous stage and discharge measurements and frequent water quality sampling have been used to determine pollutant concentrations and loads in t11e river. In addition, ten samples were taken by Arkansas Water Resources Center (A WRC) concurrently with USGS samples in order to assess whether A WRC and USGS samples can be compared. This report presents the results from the sampling and analysis for January 1, I999 to December 31, 1999. The objectives of this project were to I) determine pollutant loads in the Kings River, and 2) to compare USGS cross-sectionally averaged samples to A WRC automatic sampler samples.

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