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Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering

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Biological and Agricultural Engineering


Matlock, Marty D

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Carrier, Danielle Julie, 1959-

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Costello, Thomas A.


For agricultural outputs to rise with population, more sustainable and productive methods must be identified. Watershed modeling is a way to relatively quickly compare possible impacts of large scale agricultural practice changes. The goal of this project was to develop a watershed model for the Pra River basin in southern Ghana, a cocoa growing region, that could be used for future impact studies of land management practice options. The model was developed using the Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) and calibrated using the best daily stream flow data that could be readily located. With an R2 value of 0.57 and a Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency coefficient (NSE) of -0.43, the model is not yet accurate enough to be used in predictive studies for land management practices changes. The project is moving in the right direction though and more time should see the model become a useful tool for making decisions concerning the sustainability of different practices of cocoa agriculture in the region.


Soil Water Assessment Tool, Ghana, cocoa, land management

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