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Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering

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Biological and Agricultural Engineering


Haggard, Brian

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Runkle, Benjamin

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Lasater, Abbie


Stream discharge is necessary to estimate loads and calibrate and validate watershed models. Access to long-term water quality data and discharge measurements allows for modeling of water quality changes across a watershed over time. However, discharge monitoring stations are often expensive to install and maintain, particularly in small rivers. A more cost-effective method for monitoring streamflow has been implemented in the Upper Poteau River Watershed (UPRW) in Arkansas. This method consists of an SonTek acoustic doppler instrument for measuring storm stream flow, with is combined with manual baseflow discharge measurements. The combined stormflow and baseflow measurements are combined with a continuous stage record from a HOBO water level logger, in order to develop a rating curve. The goal of this honors project was to evaluate the optimal regression technique or combination of techniques for predicting the relationship between stage and discharge at three sites in the UPRW, and create a rating curve for each site.


water quality, rating curve, stream discharge, nutrient loads, hydrology