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Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering

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Biological and Agricultural Engineering


Runkle, Benjamin

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Matlock, Marty

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Smith, Carl


As awareness has grown of the impacts the built environment has on the natural environment and the human psyche, methods to create more sustainable living environment have been developed. Green infrastructure is well-known for its environmental benefits. Emerging literature suggests green infrastructure have aesthetic qualities conducive to mental restoration, as well. To analyze the multi-benefits of green infrastructure, a green roof is studied for its aesthetic qualities and its impact on LEED, SITES, and WELL certification. A questionnaire was administered to individuals on the University of Arkansas campus to quantify human perceptions and attitudes toward a green roof on a campus building. The questionnaire also asked participants to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of green roofs. The study population was largely students. The questionnaire showed most participants viewed the green roof favorably, but the most positive attitudes were those of individuals classified as familiar with green roofs. From a review of LEED, SITES, and WELL documents, green roofs were shown to contribute to 7 LEED, 6 SITES, and 3 WELL prerequisites and credits, for 11 points, 23 points, and 3 points available in each, respectively. LEED and WELL also had credits available to projects that used multiple sustainable rating systems. Based on these credits, several redesign concepts were produced emphasizing each sustainable rating system. The new layouts were evaluated to determine the number of credits they would earn under each sustainable rating system. To optimize the number credits in each sustainable rating system, an intensive design green roof design will be required. However, the full potential of green roof installation may not be realized until the benefits of green roofs are better known.


questionnaire, Mid-south United States