Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering

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Biological and Agricultural Engineering


Costello, Thomas

Committee Member/Reader

Dickson, Ryan

Committee Member/Second Reader

Kwofie, Ebenezer


In order to demonstrate a skill set obtained through the University of Arkansas Biological Engineering, a group of students and I developed a hydroponic system where plants could be grown in a chamber. System parameters such as air quality, irrigation, and lighting were controlled by a Programmable Logic Computer (PLC) and an array of sensors and actuators. Each student focused on a certain aspect of this system, mine being the lighting. Developing this system involved researching the relationship between light intensity and plant growth, designing a system to suspend the lights above the growth chamber, and develop a system to change the light intensity through the PLC. Prototypes for this system were constructed which provided me with important experience in professional fabrication. Analysis on the relationship of light intensity and height was also developed and implemented into the PLC logic. An On/Off control box was also designed and fabricated so that the PLC is able to send out data to the lighting system to adjust lighting parameters. Overall, this project resulted in a system which was able to showcase part of the Biological Engineering skill set to potential students. I also gained significant fabrication and engineering design experience which will help in my engineering career.


Lighting, Programable Logic Computer, Hydroponics, Demonstration Unit