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Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering

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Biological and Agricultural Engineering


Osborn, Scott

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Kwofie, Ebenezer

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Condray, Kathleen


Tackling environmental and sustainability challenges requires a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach. Engineering and science are an integral part to these solutions. However, engineering and science can often fail to capture a diverse audience’s attention. It is important to find ways to convey scientific information to a diverse group, so that no matter their professional background, they can contribute to the protection of the natural environment and the lives of future generations. In addition, it is necessary to understand the importance of cultural competence and connection when seeking to properly communicate to diverse groups. A potential framework for developing effective scientific and engineering communication that account for cultural differences is through the combination of world language and scientific education. This framework promotes a holistic approach to environmental and engineering education, where students are provided with necessary linguistic, cultural, and technical details. The aforementioned combination of information fosters critical thinking about the interconnectedness of environmental issues. This thesis aims to develop a lesson plan that combines world language education with engineering and science based environmental education. The target for the lesson plan was a high school German class and covered the topic of plastic pollution. The lesson plan seeks to establish the connections between culture and sustainability, as well as to promote an interest in global environmental challenges from an engineering and science basis. The lesson plan includes data obtained from a Life Cycle Assessment done on water bottles in the United States with the goal of teaching the engineering and science guidance to students with a diverse background. The lesson plan was evaluated and tested by a high school German teacher during a German class.


German, sustainability, multicultural education, LCA

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