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Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering

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Biological and Agricultural Engineering


Haggard, Brian

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Osborn, G. Scott

Committee Member/Second Reader

Schubert, Karl


Since internship experiences are recognized as high impact educational practices and the honors thesis is designed to be a gateway to work beyond the typical undergraduate degree, I helped develop a pathway for BENG honors students to use critical reflection to develop an honors thesis related to internship and class experience. Then, I wrote about my own experiences to serve as an example for future BENG students who want to pursue this pathway.

My objective for this example thesis was to describe the value of my engineering and technical internships and coursework and how they have shaped my future career in Biological Engineering. I developed criteria for reflecting on my internship experiences in the form of discussion questions and then completed the evaluation process and drew conclusions about my key takeaways, which were (1) it is necessary to check work through a formal QAQC process, (2) there any many types of careers and paths to make an environmental impact, and (3) engineering economics are highly important to any project or company.


Internship, Engineering, High Impact Practices, Reflection

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