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Bachelor of Science Education

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Curriculum and Instruction


Hutchins, Rhett

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Imbeau, Marcia

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Barth, Daniel


In America alone there are 46 million non-traditional students that have some college hours but that have not completed their degree. There are over 1,700 non-traditional students at the University of Arkansas. Colleges and universities provide resources to students to support their academic, social and other needs. Do non-traditional students avail themselves of the University of Arkansas’ resources? Does this impact their GPA? A quantitative and qualitative research study was conducted to explore the connectivity of non-traditional students with their college campus. A survey with a follow up email interview was gathered to examine and research non-traditional students’ interests, problems, and needs. Consequently the results suggest that the majority of non-traditional students do not participate or utilize the University of Arkansas’ support facilities. Additional research should be conducted to strive to meet the needs of non-traditional students at the University of Arkansas.