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Bachelor of Science Education

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Curriculum and Instruction


Imbeau, Marcia B.

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Beasley, Jennifer

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Casey, Erin McLin, 1973-


This study investigated the impact of popular culture on reading comprehension, reading fluency, and writing in one group of third-grade students. The literacy lessons infused with pop culture characters, references, and style were aimed to inspire students and engage students in a love of literature while also improving their overall literacy. The study involved six students in the third grade with a wide range of readiness levels. The research question, “Does popular culture infused literacy lessons enhance the literacy achievement of one group of third-grade students?” was investigated. It was intended that involvement in the after-school Pop Literacy Club (PLC) would transfer to reading achievement in the classroom, and it was concluded that each student experienced some form of growth in literacy achievement, as well as greater self-confidence in being successful in school. Data were compiled to create six in-depth case studies to show the specific areas of literacy achievement each student improved and recommendations for using pop culture for all classrooms are shared.