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Bachelor of Science in Education

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Curriculum and Instruction


Imbeau, Marcia

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Blair, Alissa


This thesis seeks to provide an overview of the current literature surrounding multicultural education practices that effectively support students from marginalized communities. Today’s classrooms are the most diverse and expansive that they have ever been in terms of the student population, but this is not yet reflected in employed public school teachers. So, it is crucial that teachers and public schools are culturally competent and prepared to implement multicultural education practices. Teachers that are culturally competent and that utilize multicultural education strategies have a higher sense of self-efficacy and less risk of burnout, and students of all identities have better experiences in their classrooms. Due to time and resource limitations, scope of the general education field, and current events at the time of publication, this literature review focuses primarily on multicultural education practices that support students of color and LGBTQ+ students. Recommendations for supporting students of color include diminishing disproportionality in discipline and special education referrals, increasing access to advanced academic materials, and involving family and affirming culture in the classroom. Suggestions for supporting LGBTQ+ students are addressing bulling of LGBTQ+ students, taking a social justice approach, and focusing on student health. This thesis concludes with a discussion of implications for educators and recommendations for future research in the field.


multicultural education, diversity, teachers, students, students of color, LGBTQ+ students