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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

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Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences


Rom, C. R. (Curt R.)

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Popp, Jennie

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Wolf, Duane C. (Duane Carl), 1946-


Although community gardening on college campuses is not a new concept, campus community gardens have recently grown in popularity. Campus community gardens, however, have not been extensively researched. In order to better understand campus community gardens and to determine the feasibility of a campus community garden at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville (UAF), this study was conducted in three components. An online survey of 88 campus community gardens in the United States and Canada served as the first national survey of universities and colleges with campus community gardens. The survey included demographic information, management, funding, liabilities, risks, obstacles and successes, uses, and operations of the gardens. Visits to six campus gardens provided additional information regarding on-site garden management and specific best practices of the garden. Personal interviews were conducted with select UAF student, faculty, staff, and administration members in decision-making capacities to understand the potential opportunities and limitations to a community garden at the UAF. A campus community garden at the UAF was determined to be feasible if identified challenges and obstacles were addressed properly. Seven best practices for campus community gardens were determined and will be a useful tool for campus community garden participants and leaders.