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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering


Coffman, Richard A


A compacted clay liner (CCL) test pad was constructed for the purpose of evaluating the testing procedures utilized for determining hydraulic conductivity of a CCL. These procedures include ASTM D6391 (2014) Method C and ASTM D6391 Method A. Method C was recently added to ASTM D6391(2014) and was evaluated based upon comparison of results obtained from previous research with results from the data presented herein. The test pad was instrumented with volumetric water content probes and water matric potential sensors to monitor the wetting front in the soil. The data obtained from this instrumentation should be used to develop a soil water characteristic curve (SWCC) for the soil being tested, and can provide another check for Method C. The effects of pad construction and instrumentation techniques that were utilized discussed. Based on the obtained results Method C is a viable method, but the equation must be corrected prior to use.