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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering


Prinz, Gary

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Hall, Kevin

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Heymsfield, Ernie

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Prinz, Gary


Bolted beam-column connections are a common moment connection used in the design of steel buildings. Existing design guides include design parameters for bolt configurations having one bolt on either side of the beam web for each row of bolts. There is potential for increasing connection strength by adding additional bolts on the outside of these rows. This addition could be useful in retrofit scenarios, or even in the design of new structures. In this research, finite element analysis is used to analyze various beam-column connections and t-stub connections. The modeling methods, research process, and conclusions are explained in the thesis paper. The primary goal was to determine the usefulness of adding addition bolts to these connections, along with the effect of other components such as column web stiffeners, and extended endplates.