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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering


Hernandez, Sarah


This project developed an easy to implement, low-cost learning module. The module has students compare and contrast the challenges of gathering comprehensive and quality transportation data through advanced technologies and traditional approaches while introducing traffic engineering topics like traffic signal timing. The modules target middle through high school students and first and second year undergraduate engineering students. The learning modules introduce transportation engineering using an engaging open-source computer simulation game adapted by students at the University of Arkansas, as part of a capstone project. The activities in the learning modules require off-the shelf, low-cost computer hardware, making it easy for educators or professionals to implement as in-class exercises or outreach activities.

This paper presents (1) a complete lesson plan that details the concepts (e.g. transportation planning, traffic sensing, and data analysis), (2) a description of the technology including equipment needed to implement the learning activity, and (3) recommendations for tailoring the modules to different age groups. As a result, three different implementations were analyzed and compared to decide the areas of improvement for future applications of this learning module. The overall goal of this interdisciplinary learning module is to increase students’ awareness of the diverse nature of the engineering profession. A primary intended application of the learning module is to provide an outreach activity for active transportation professionals to use for “teach-ins” or other STEM outreach community events.


Educational outreach, STEM, Service-Learning, Traffic Data Collection, Traffic Signalization