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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering


Prinz, Gary

Committee Member/Reader

Fairey, Julian

Committee Member/Second Reader

Hernandez, Sarah


This engineering design project sought to design a cheap and easy-to-use sensor to monitor seismic connection rotations in steel buildings during earthquakes by using a linear ratchet mechanism. The idea for the project goes against the mainstream of research that is seeking to develop complex digital networks for monitoring structures in earthquake regions. Whereas many modern sensor networks require high-cost, professionally maintained digital networks, an analog sensor could provide much of the same information at a fraction of the cost, allowing sensors to be more widely utilized, particularly in developing countries. This project required an iterative engineering design process to develop a sensor prototype that was tested in a controlled laboratory setting. The final design is a reliable and practical sensor that measures seismic connection rotations.


Structural Health Monitoring, Resilience, Earthquake Engineering, Damage Investigation, Steel