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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering


Braham, Andrew

Committee Member/Reader

Hall, Kevin

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Hernandez, Sarah


The need for having a good quality flooring has become something very important in order to enhance people’s spaces and living lifestyle. Some of the most common tile materials are cork, vinyl, concrete, and ceramic. While these four materials mentioned before are still capable materials, asphalt concrete has a distinct pattern that may be an attractive alternative to the standard tile types. To try and find solutions to these problems and give people another material option, asphalt concrete was evaluated as a flooring material.

The reason why asphalt concrete could have this new application is based on the outstanding properties and its nice appearance that simulates a false granite. This report was focused on evaluating asphalt physical properties, such as flexibility and compressive strength, and aesthetical properties, such as thickness, size, and squareness, using aggregates of different sizes (4.75mm and 12.5mm) and comparing asphalt concrete to standard tile specifications to determine if it adequately fulfills the required tile properties. The early results show that asphalt concrete seems to meet the tile requirements explored for this project. Also, samples with NMAS of 12.5mm had a better performance in tests compared with 4.75mm samples. Thus, this data drives to the conclusion that asphalt concrete is worth pursuing with additional testing and evaluation.


asphalt, Asphalt Concrete, Flooring, Flooring materials, Tiles, Floor, Compression Test, Thickness