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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering


Edwards, Findlay

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Coffman, Richard

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Williams, Rodney


With the increase in frequency and severity of flooding due to natural events, there is an increased need for flood studies in order to mitigate the effects of flooding. Some of the most vulnerable countries to flooding are Small Island Developing States (SIDS). These countries face many common development challenges, including geographic and economic isolation, limited resources, environmental fragility, high costs of transportation and energy, and vulnerability to climate change and natural disasters. This project focuses on estimating the probable maximum flood (PMF) for a watershed in a SIDS. To find PMF, the probable maximum precipitation (PMP) is needed. Two methods of finding PMP, the Hershfield’s statistical method and the inferential method using a storm model approach, were used in this project. The hurricane model produced a more reasonable estimate of 82 inches. Using the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) Curve Number Method, the resulting PMF was 79 inches, which was used to obtain a peak discharge estimate of 61000 cfs.


PMP, PMF, runoff, peak discharge