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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering


Coffman, Richard A.

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Hall, Kevin D.


Previously, the amount of energy provided by the Harvard Miniature tamper was adjusted by changing the number of blows per lift or the number of lifts or was not adjusted at all. However, this research was conducted to investigate the effect of adjusting the displacement of the spring (increased or decreased) to change the potential energy of the spring and therefore change the compacive effort with a specific type of soil. Thus, the objective was to match the compaction energies using the Harvard miniature method with the compaction energies obtained using the Proctor method. Specifically, the goal was to show that a change in the resistance of the spring could imitate Proctor compaction at reduced, standard, and modified compactive efforts.


Standard Proctor Test, Modified Proctor Test, Reduced Proctor Test, Harvard Miniature Test, Compaction, Energy Levels