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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering


Hernandez, Sarah

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McComas, Kim


This project is centered around finding a solution to the shortage of truck drivers within the freight industry. Specifically, this project aims to lessen this shortage by ensuring potential future drivers are aware of the benefits of the industry and are encouraged to consider this career path for themselves. By producing an engaging and educational freight transportation curriculum for middle and high school students to go through in outreach programs, these students would have an increased likelihood of joining the trucking profession and encourage others to become informed about the profession as well. In addition to the direct driving role, other transportation careers will be discussed. This involves the many roles of planners, engineers, programmers, and others so that the students may more fully understand the transportation industry as a whole, in addition to them being aware of the many career paths available to them. To market this program to younger generations, the use of driving simulators and other hands-on learning projects are part of the curriculum. This is beneficial as driving simulators are growing in popularity and accessibility, and students are much more receptive to a topic when it is introduced through interactive learning. This curriculum has been produced, presented to students, and evaluated. Publicizing the lesson plans and resources will allow similar freight career outreach programs to be conducted easily by any group wanting to do so.


Freight industry, service learning, truck driver shortage, freight transportation curriculum, middle school, high school