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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering


Prinz, Gary

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Barry, Michelle

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Zhang, Wen


A series of experimental tests were conducted in the Civil Engineering Research and Education Center (CEREC) at the University of Arkansas to evaluate the effect of beam skew on a reduced beam section. Various degrees of skew on deep and shallow column depths were tested following a cyclical loading protocol, established by the AISC Seismic Provisions, to analyze the capacity of the out-of-plane skew connection [1]. Using the prequalified cyclical loading protocol allows for the evaluation of SMF connections in skew configurations against seismic events. Strain distributions throughout the RBS section, the welded beam-column connection, and the column flange were recorded throughout the cyclical loading procedure for each specimen. Strain gauges were placed on five specimens to measure the strain of various areas of interest during the tests. The scope of this research is narrowed to the evaluation of the strain distribution at the RBS cut for varying degrees of skew configuration for both shallow and deep column depths.


strain measurements, reduced beam section, special moment-resisting frame, skew