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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering


Hernandez, Sarah

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Fernstrom, Eric


A diagonal crosswalk paired with an all-red phase traffic signal is an effective approach to manage intersections with high pedestrian volume. This allows pedestrians to cross both north-south and east-west bound roads at the same time. However, ineffective diagonal crosswalk marking, and lack of signs reduces the use of diagonal crosswalks which in turn results in jaywalking, often in unsafe capacities. The objective of this study is to determine the impacts of pedestrian-caused delay and safety impacts due to the misuse of a diagonal crosswalk. To better understand the impacts, a camera-based data collection was conducted during a four-hour period at a local intersection. The data was compiled and used in the analysis. Analysis includes estimation of pedestrian volume and delay.


Civil Engineering, Transportation, Crosswalk, Diagonal, Pedestrian Scramble