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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering


Coffman, Richard A.

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Grimmelsman, Kirk A.

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Hall, Kevin D


The results of high stress, one-dimensional compression testing on intermediate soils are presented. Nevada Sand and silica silt mixtures were subjected to very high vertical stresses (140 MPa) in one-dimensional, monotonic compression. Each soil mixture was tested in a nominally loose condition. A specially designed mold with an integrated sensor array was fabricated to contain the soil during pre-consolidation and loading. The 1-D compression curve was plotted for each mixture in the double-logarithmic void ratio (e), and vertical effective stress (σ’v) space and characteristics of the Limiting Compression Curve (LCC) were identified. Initial and post test grain size distribution curves were plotted. Significant crushing of the soil grains was observed during one-dimensional loading. The influence of factors including initial density, mineralogy, particle shape, particle size, and grain size distribution on compression behavior of intermediate soil mixtures is discussed. Specimen preparation techniques and testing protocol are presented herein.