University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Division of Agriculture


Fungi, toxins, poultry feeds


An increasing concern in poultry nutrition is the effects of mycotoxins in contaminated grain. Several new products have come onto the market that chemically bind these toxins preventing mycotoxicosis. However, many of these products have not been tested for safety if accidently overfed to broiler breeders. In order to simulate a feed mixing error at a feed mill, Improved Milbond-TX® was overfed to broiler breeders to see if this would cause any negative effects on bird performance. A typical corn-soybean based diet supplemented with Milbond-TX mycotoxin binder at three different levels of inclusion (0%, 0.5%, and 1%) was fed to 300 broiler breeder hens. Data were collected on egg production, egg weights, hatchability, fertility, and chick weights from 24 to 35 weeks of age. Eggs per hen housed were not significantly different between the three treatments. The differences in egg weights, hatchability, fertility, and chick weights were also insignificant among the three treatments. We were able to conclude that overfeeding Improved Milbond-TX had no negative effect on bird performance and is safe to feed at a level of up to 1%.