University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Division of Agriculture


Brand Label, Price, Retailer, Fast Fashion, Perception of Quality


Consumers shop at multiple retailers for different needs, and it is understood that many choose a retailer for an experience and others will shop at another retailer for better savings. In a time where E-commerce is at an all-time high, retailers need to consider how they compare against online retailers in the apparel sector. In this study, three retailers were compared against one another since they are all swimwear competitors. As these retailers adjust to store and production shortages, it is important to understand how the quality of clothing will keep sales consistent. Consumers are likely to keep shopping at locations where they trust the quality of clothing instead of having to deal with returns and customer service desks. The purpose of this research looks at how consumers view the quality of women’s swimwear. As participants of this study examined three different swimsuits and thought about what “quality” means to them, retailers can use this study to better understand what consumers are looking for when they are shopping. Consumers not only look at branding, pricing, and construction but judge a garment on how these three factors are combined.