University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Division of Agriculture


Students and faculty alike would like to know what factors are related to success in college courses. The purpose of this study was to evaluate factors that relate to a student’s success in Animal Physiology I (Phys I), an upper-level animal science course at the University of Arkansas. Student data were confidentially collected and coded. Data collected were student high school grade point average (HSGPA); composite ACT score; English, reading, math, and science subscores on the ACT; and student grades in English composition I and II, college algebra, chemistry, biology, microbiology, animal physiology II, and reproductive physiology. Prematriculation performance confirmed that students with higher HSGPA and (or) ACT scores had better grades in animal physiology I. However, ACT subscores were not more informative than the ACT composite score. Performance in prerequisite courses (chemistry and biology) was significantly related to student grades in Animal Physiology I. Student grades in related courses indicated the same results, that is, students that do well in high school tend to have better grades in college, including in Animal Physiology I.