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Bachelor of Science in Data Science

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Data Science


Schubert, Karl


This paper outlines a data science internship at Happy Egg Co, a producer of free-range eggs committed to sustainable agriculture practices. The internship focused on analyzing customer data to uncover characteristics of Happy Egg Co's target market and identify potential new markets for expansion.

The internship spanned a period of 10 weeks and involved working with the company's marketing and data science teams to gain practical experience in data cleaning, analysis, and visualization. The focus was on uncovering patterns and trends in customer behavior, preferences, and demographics to inform marketing strategies.

The internship began with an introduction to Happy Egg Co's values and mission, which is to provide high-quality, ‘happy’ eggs to consumers while promoting healthy living, responsible farming and improving the lives of everyone they encounter. The internship then moved on to the specific task of analyzing customer data to identify key characteristics of the company's target market, such as age, gender, income level, and geographic location. The internship also involved identifying potential new markets for Happy Egg Co's products based on demographic and geographic data.


data science, market identification, customer classification, storytelling

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