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Master of Science in Microelectronics-Photonics (MS)

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H. Alan Mantooth

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Michael Glover

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Simon Ang

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William Oliver

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Rick Wise


Applied sciences; Advanced electronic packaging; Advanced thin films; Ceramics; Extreme environment electronics; LTCC; Reliability of electronics


As electronic components and systems become more intricate and expand into new realms of use case scenarios, new materials systems must be explored. With new systems comes the balancing acts of cost and reliability. Presented here is a thesis that explores a new hybrid-electronics packaging system using low temperature co-fired ceramics, referred to as LTCC. An LTCC system was designed to explore the environmental reliability of numerous thick film LTCC features and parameters. A key element was to explore how a thin film metallization stack up used to cap or seal underlying thick film structures would decrease environmental susceptibility while at the same time optimizing costs. A material matrix of 16 recipes was developed with 14 primary feature types to be evaluated. It was decided that the LTCC systems undergo five environmental reliability tests which were as follows: lifetime at elevated temperature, thermal cycling, humidity, thermal shock, and corrosion via salt fog spay. All environmental reliability tests were performed in accordance to either MIL or JEDEC standards or specifications. An investigation of occurring phenomena through each environmental test is presented.