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Master of Science in Physics (MS)

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Daniel J. Kennefick

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Julia D. Kennefick

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Mark E. Arnold

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Salvador Barraza-Lopez


Pure sciences, Barred spiral galaxies, Cosmology theory, Dark matter, Galaxies, Galaxy evolution, N-body, Spiral galaxies


Motivated by the evidence of relationships between pitch angle (the tightness of spiral arm structure in the disk), P, and various indicators of central mass concentration, as well as the theoretical relationship between halo mass concentration and the density of visible matter in the central part of the galaxy, we look at a possible relationship between P and cvir (the virial concentration of the dark matter halo) in N-body simulations of barred, spiral galaxies. We also look at the evolution of pitch angle over time in higher temporal resolution than any data currently available in the literature. We find that pitch angle structure is recurring, the overall distribution staying within a relatively narrow range. We do not find evidence for a relation between P and cvir.