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Doctor of Philosophy in Health Science (PhD)

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Health, Human Performance and Recreation


William Bailey

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Bart Hammig


Health and environmental sciences, Communication and the arts, Social sciences, Daughters, Fathers, Parents, Sex, Sexuality


The purpose of this research project was to identify characteristics and perceptions of fathers associated with discussions about sex and sexuality with their daughters. Parental communication, education, and value sharing reduces the risk of STD's and teen pregnancy. Participants were fathers (N=108) who were recruited by their daughters who were attending a Southeastern University. Demographics were utilized and researcher developed modified scales used in previous studies (citation). The newly developed scales were the Sexual Knowledge Inventory (SKI), Value of Self-Efficacy of Sexuality Communication (VSESC), Safe Sex of Self Efficacy of Sexuality Communication (SSSESC), Father's Role as Sex Educators Outcome Expectancy of Sexuality Communication (FROESC), and Father's Emotions as Sex Educators Outcome Expectancy of Sexuality Communication (FEOESC). Analyses of variances (ANOVAs) were used to identify demographic characteristics of fathers and the frequency of sexuality communication and the result indicated income as the only demographic factor to be statistically significant. Regression analysis was used to identify factors predicting frequency communication among fathers and daughters. The results determined over 50% of variance were attributed to the VSESC, SSSESC, FROESC, and the FEOESC. The amount of sexual knowledge of the father had no relationship to frequency of his communication with his daughter. It is the father's values about parenting and emotions about educating his daughter about sexual behavior that determines the father's discussing sexual issues with his daughter. In identifying these factors, future research and implementation strategies can be targeted toward increasing sexuality communication with their daughters by focusing on the values and emotions of fathers.