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Master of Education in Recreation and Sport Management (MEd)

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Health, Human Performance and Recreation


Merry Moiseichik

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Sarah Stokowski

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Tyrone Washington


Social sciences, Education, Academic support, Black student-athletes, Color-blind racial attitudes, Critical race theory, Racial competence


Critical Race Theory, a theoretical framework that has been gaining much recognition in sport literature, is a useful and beneficial tool in discussing race and racism. To better understand the context in which academic support staff appreciate the functionality and significance of race, the present study measures the racial competence of athletic academic support staffs. This research study explores the need to integrate a model such as Critical Race Theory that promotes “racial competency” among academic support staffs working closely with student-athletes of color, and measures Color-Blind Racial Attitudes that may have effects on the types of interactions individuals are having with their athletes. The study surveys 101 academic support staff employees at Division 1 Institutions in the Power 5 NCAA Conferences. Findings suggest that there is a lack of understanding of the tenets of Critical Race Theory and a need to implement multicultural competence and diversity training for academic support staffs. Results associated participants’ race with racial competence which can alter how individuals interact with their student athletes of color. Implications for findings, limitations and future research are also discussed.