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Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD)

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Industrial Engineering


Chase E. Rainwater

Committee Member

Scott J. Mason

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Edward A. Pohl

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C Richard Cassady


Matheuristic, Optimization, Robustness, Transportation, Truckload


This dissertation presents three issues encountered by a shipper in the context of truckload transportation. In all of the studies, we utilize optimization techniques to model and solve the problems. Each study is inspired from the real world and much of the data used in the experiments is real data or representative of real data.

The first topic is about the freight consolidation in truckload transportation. We integrate it with a purchase incentive program to increase truckload utilization and maximize profit. The second topic is about supporting decision making collaboration among departments of a manufacturer. It is a bi-objective optimization model. The third topic is about procurement in an adverse market. We study a modification of the existing procurement process to consider the market stochastic into marking decisions. In all three studies, our target is to develop effectively methodologies to seek optimal answers within a reasonable amount of time.