Date of Graduation


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Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Dynamics (PhD)

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Environmental Dynamics


Song Feng

Committee Member

Sara Gosman

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Mike Hayes


Arkansas, Climate Change, Endangered Species Act


This research sets out to address a growing knowledge gap of climate change science in regards to the state of Arkansas. Within the coming chapters, the goal of this research is to examine climate data and to identify if any evidence of climate change can be detected and what are the policies in place to adapt to these potential changes. Furthermore, the scope of this research will be narrowed to a few counties over the southwest Arkansas, and a specific endangered species, the Leopard Darter. Upon examination of previous environmental and ecological climate change related research it became clear that the general focus was placed on regional bodies of the U.S., instead of state and county specifically targeted research. Additionally, attempts to create policies to mitigate harms associated with climate change have been addressed nationally but not within Arkansas. With illustrations showing that climate change is indeed happening in Arkansas and in southwest Arkansas, this research highlights the importance of mitigation and addresses the lack of policies in regards to climate change with endangered species.