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Master of Fine Arts in Theatre (MFA)

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Micahel J. Riha

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David Fredrick

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Jason Burrow


game design, scenic design, theatre, virtual reality


This thesis explores the similarities of video game design elements within the world of theatrical scenic design. Using my 2019 scenic design of Marc Camoletti’s bedroom farce Boeing Boeing as the backdrop, I discuss the core concepts of game design. I then describe the scenic process of the production and the journey from concept all the way through to a virtual reality recreation of the design. The study of game design in theatre has the potential to open a wide new world of opportunities in the scenic design industry. This paper examines how the theatre can benefit from game design in several areas, such as artist and technical design, economic and financial relief throughout production, performance, and efficiency. But the primary focus is on the dramatic and positive impact that it can have on communication and the way that theatre artists can work together in a collaborative setting. For the theatrical world, game design presents a wide and exciting realm of possibilities in not only design, but for theatre as a whole.