Date of Graduation


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD)

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Electrical Engineering


Juan Carlos Balda

Committee Member

Alan Mantooth

Second Committee Member

David Andrews

Third Committee Member

Roy McCann


Electric Distribution Systems, Grid-Connected Equipment, Multilevel Converters, Power Electronics


The objective of this thesis is to present the context, application, theory, design, construction, and testing of a proposed solution to unbalanced current loading on three-phase four-wire systems. This solution, known as the Medium-Voltage Unbalanced Current Static Compensator or MV-UCSC, is designed to recirculate currents between the three phases of adistribution system. Through this redistribution of the currents negative- and zero-sequence current components are eliminated and a balanced load is seen upstream from the point of installation. The MV-UCSC as it operates in the distribution system is presented followed by its effect on traditional compensation equipment. The construction of the MV-UCSC as well as 13.8 kV simulations are then shown. Development of the switching positions required by the MVUCSC is then given followed by a variation on this switching position with the intent to reduce part count. Finally, the testing the 13.8 kV three-phase four-wire, neutral-point-clamped, elevenlevel, flying-capacitor-based MV-UCSC connected directly to the grid is presented.