Date of Graduation


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Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

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Civil Engineering


Clinton Wood

Committee Member

Michelle Barry

Second Committee Member

Cameron Murray


Mexico City, Seismic Risk, Seismic Design, Shear Wave Velocity, Site Period


The goal of this study was to revise the existing site period prediction map and to develop a shallow 3D shear wave velocity model of the Mexico City Basin. To accomplish this goal, an extensive literature review was performed to compile as much pertinent shear wave velocity and site period data for the region. In total, 75 sites were used to revise the site period prediction map and 40 sites were used to develop the shear wave velocity model. The 2004 Complementary Technical Standards of Mexico site period prediction map was adjusted with new site period measurements across the basin to develop an updated site period map. For the shear wave velocity model, the shallow (top 60 meters) subsurface structure was divided into five generalized soil layers with variation throughout the basin modeled using linear and exponential equations as a function of site period. The performance of both predictors was gauged by comparing the predicted values to the measured site period and Vs profiles to validate the results. Critiques and discussion on the deficiencies for both predictors were also included for transparency. Overall, the results from both predictors were determined to give accurate results, but the uncertainty in the model is high for areas with little available data. It is recommended that more shear wave velocity profiles and site period measurements are taken throughout the basin, which can be used to further refine and improve the predictors.