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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

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Electrical Engineering


Alan Mantooth

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Yue Zhao

Second Committee Member

Chris Farnell


Cessna 337 Skymaster aircraft, Inverter, Hybrid electric aircraft


With the growth in the aerospace industry there has been a trend to optimize the performance of an aircraft by reducing fuel consumption and operational cost. Recent advancements in the field of power electronics have pushed towards the concepts of hybrid electric aircraft also known as more electrical aircrafts. In this work, a custom controller board for an electric aircraft propulsion drive was designed to drive a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Design of the controller board required knowledge of the topology selection and power module selections. Simulations of the system were performed using MATLAB/Simulink to analyze the overall performance of the selected topology. Implementation of the control algorithm was tested on the hardware prototype of a three-phase, two-level voltage source inverter. Complete testing of the system at high power was accomplished; thus, demonstrating the inverter’s ability to operate at the desired power level.