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Master of Science in Physics (MS)

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Paul Thibado

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Stephen Skinner

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Tacy Joffe-Mino


Following the research done on graphene looking at its unique properties it has been found that graphene can be used as a varying capacitor. What has been observed is that graphene acts almost like a torrential ocean constantly fluctuating. What we use is a silicon wafer with multiple etched layers to create a stable platform on which to capture this energy. In this paper we will discuss the general setup and step-by-step procedures required to create a functioning variable capacitor out of graphene, gold, and Silicon dioxide (SiO2) substrate. Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) is used to create the initial design after which the sample undergoes an etching process in order to adjust the tips to the proper height so that the graphene does not make contact while also balancing the etch time so that the trenches, which will carry the current, aren't destroyed during the process.

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